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The 7 Reasons to Test & Tag


Testing and tagging help businesses meet legal requirements for electrical safety, particularly in high-risk industries. This compliance is essential to avoid penalties and ensure a safe work environment.

Cost Savings

By preventing accidents, regular testing and tagging can save businesses significant amounts of money. This includes avoiding costs related to repairs, downtime, and potential liability claims.

Duty of Care

It’s a business’s responsibility to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors. Testing and tagging electrical appliances help fulfill this duty of care, reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

Premises Protection

Regular testing minimises the risk of electrical fires, protecting your property from potential damage. This is especially important in maintaining the integrity and safety of your business premises.

Safe Work Environment

Ensuring all electrical appliances are up to safety standards is critical for a secure workplace. Testing and tagging help in identifying and mitigating risks associated with faulty electrical equipment.

Peace of Mind

Regular checks provide reassurance that all appliances, including those brought by employees, are safe and compliant. This peace of mind is beneficial for both employers and employees, fostering a secure working atmosphere.

Risk Minimisation

Early detection of electrical faults through regular testing and tagging reduces the likelihood of accidents. This proactive approach helps in choosing reliable service providers and maintaining ongoing safety assurance.

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